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A Life to Die For
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Title:A Life to Die For
Genre:: Soap, Comedy
First Air Date: 2021-11-22
Last Air Date: 2022-05-27
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 161
Runtime: 50 min
Overview: Tells the story of the quartet formed by a friendly and bankrupt ex-football player, a rich and snobby surgeon, a powerful and arrogant executive and a scammer with a heart of stone. They are victims of a plane crash on the same day they met each other and end up dying. When they meet Death, they are told that their time to go has not yet come and that they must return to life to deal with their personal issues. However, Death warns that, in a year, one of them will actually die and the four decide to take this second chance to achieve their greatest goals in life.
Stars: Giovanna Antonelli (Paula Terrare), Vladimir Brichta (Neném (Luca Marino)), Mateus Solano (Guilherme Monteiro Bragança), Valentina Herszage (Flávia Santana), Júlia Lemmertz (Carmem Wollinger), Bruno Cabrerizo (Marcelo Pereira), Bárbara Colen (Rose Costa Grava Monteiro Bragança), Ana Lúcia Torre (Celina Monteiro Bragança), Caio Manhente (Gabriel Wollinger), Elizabeth Savalla (Nedda Marino), Marcos Caruso (Osvaldo), Zezeh Barbosa (Tetê), Nina Tomsic (Ingrid Terrare), Jaffar Bambirra (Murilo), Ana Hikari (Vanda Sato), Valentina Bandeira (Cora), Felipe Abib (Roni (Ronildo Marino)), Micheli Machado (Jandira Pontes), Agnes Brichta (Tina (Martina Pontes Marino)), Sara Vidal (Bibi (Bianca Villas Marino)), André Silberg (Leco), Carlos Silberg (Neco), João Fenerich (Soares), Val Abranches (Lorena), Carol Garcia (Betina Villas (Beta)), Matheus Abreu (Antônio da Costa Monteiro Bragança (Tigrão)), Mariana Nunes (Joana Valadares), Tato Gabus Mendes (Daniel Monteiro Bragança), Luciana Paes (Odete Santana), Fábio Herford (Juca Santana), Evelyn Castro (Deusa (Deusilene dos Santos)), Thardelly Lima (Odaílson Ferreira), Jussara Freire (Tuninha), Sérgio Menezes (Chicão), Pedro Henrique Monteiro (Subdelegado Prado), Cridemar Aquino (Delegado Nunes), Felipe Hintze (Delegado Torres), Camila Rocha (Soraia), Alessandro Brandão (Chefe), Marcelo Flores (Trombada), Karina Dohme (Teca), Fabrício Assis (Cabeça), Diego Francisco (Denis), Carol Marra (Alice), Gabriel Sanches (Roberto), Nany People (Lu), Tadeu Mello (Nilton)


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